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July 12, 2013 Latest News

Equity Release Can Defuse the Interest Only Time Bomb

Having an Interest Only Mortgage to redeem, without having enough funds so to do, is a worry for many over 55s. This shortfall happens for various reasons, such as an under-performing endowment, expected cash from other sources not forthcoming or downsizing not being an option. This is a serious concern for many thousands of mature people who want to live free from financial stress in their later years.

Whatever the cause, there may be a way to solve this problem without having to sell the property.

Equity Release could be that solution. By releasing equity from the home, the original mortgage can be cleared thus relieving the anxiety of finding the cash, in addition to making more disposable income available for current lifestyle.

There would be no repayment of capital or interest on an Equity Release Mortgage until either death or permanent long term care, when the property would be sold; indeed, there are even some structures which can allow for part or all of the interest to be paid monthly, still without the need to repay the capital, except as mentioned above.

Equity Release can be a very satisfactory method of clearing an interest only mortgage and, at the same time, freeing up further income for day to day living.

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This is a lifetime mortgage or Home Reversion. It may affect your entitlement to state benefits and will reduce the value of your estate. Mortgages on or equity released from your home will be secured against it. Think carefully before securing other debts to your home. To understand the features and risks, ask for a personalised illustration. The Right Equity Release does not charge any up front fees. A fixed fee is only charged on completion of an Equity Release Plan. Typically, this is 1.5% of the total facility or £1,295 whichever is the greater. The information contained in this website is subject to the UK regulatory regime and is therefore intended for consumers based in the UK.